Common Grading applications

  • Grading building pads and foundations
  • Installing driveways and access roads
  • Installing berms and banks
  • Shaping land for correct water drainage
  • Spreading fill dirt, topsoil, gravel, millings, and aggregate
  • Repairing erosion damage
  • Installing water lines/drainage piping/utilities



     Foltz Land Management provides grading services to Upstate South Carolina and surrounding areas. Whether you're a homeowner wanting to reshape a yard for drainage or a company preparing to build a new structure, we have the skill and equipment to bring your vision to life. 

     We can install a new driveway or road, prepare an area for a concrete pad, and spread fill, topsoil, sand, gravel, or aggregate. 

     We also offer general excavating services. We can dig a pond, install drainage piping, or dig footers for your new structure. 

      So, get started on your grading project today! Give us a call!


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