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About Us...

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Foltz Land Management is the product of a partnership between Keith and Kyle Foltz--brothers, entrepreneurs, and first-generation farmers. Having collectively spent years in various fields such as turf management, landscaping, land clearing/grading, and multipurpose equipment operation, these two hardworking Upstate SC boys decided that it was time they followed their dream of owning and managing their own company. In their words:

       "Foltz Land Management is the realization of some of our long-held goals and the actualization of all our personal principles. We believe a man's work is his purpose; therefore, his work should receive his utmost skill, focus, and dedication. Our clients are community members, and we see our work improving our community. Because of these beliefs, we take great pride in our work. These things- the understanding of the nature of work, of productive effort, the sense of community that informs our work ethic, and the personal pride that we feel in a job well done- cannot be bought, sold, or traded. They must be developed through a dedication to principle and the constant exercise of exacting moral judgment. This is what defines and distinguishes Foltz Land Management. These are our standards. Our customers will receive nothing less."