Brush cutting is something of a specialty of ours. We offer a couple different types of brush cutting:

  • We use high-flow, skid-steer mounted hydraulic rotary cutters to take down heavy brush and small trees (up to 7" hardwoods!). This equipment is especially suited to reclaiming badly overgrown pastures, brush thickets, and maintaining semi-established access roads or right-of-ways. Using powerful, rubber-tracked skid-steers, we can take these cutters into places that no wheeled machine would survive. 
  • We also offer traditional bush hogging using a standard farm/agricultural tractor. This is a far more efficient alternative for completing the seasonal mowings that a well-established pasture or right-of-way require.

 Whatever they may be, Foltz Land Management has the solution for your brush cutting needs!

Brush Cutting

forestry mulching and land clearing in Central

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   Brush Cutting Applications:

  • Access road/Right-of-Way maintenance
  • Detention/Retention Pond clearing
  • Pasture Reclamation
  • Game land management/hunt plots
  • Residential and commercial brush removal
  • Selective woodland thinning
  • Lot/land underbrushing
  • Invasive species control